Total contamination control in
Clean and Sterile Areas

Pair high boots

  • LAB sole
  • Clog Bootie
  • Sock Bootie
  • LAB sole

    LAB sole
    • Rubber sole, LAB type.
    • Lower adjustment with 2 straps and with plastic clamp
    • Back closure with zip
    • Upper adjustment in white knitted cuff with three (3) stainless steel clips for closure 

    Size: From 1 to 5. Size guide

    Autoclavables Soles:

    • Antistatic Sole
    • Standard Sole
    • Irradiated 
    Detail: LAB sole
    Rubber sole, autoclavable LAB type
  • Clog Bootie

    Clog Bootie

    Each piece of the Botines are made up of one clog and one Tubotín (Special High boots made of fabric)

    • Zip adjustment between the white autoclavable clog and the tubotín
    • Upper adjustment with 1 strap and plastic clamp 

    Size: From 36 to 46  Size guide

  • Sock Bootie

    Sock Bootie
    • Back closure with zip
    • Upper adjustment with elastic band
    • Without sole
    • The sole of the foot is padded
    • To be used with Clean Room shoes or clogs

    Size: From 1 to 4. Size guide

    Detail: Sock Bootie
    To use with the cleanroom shoe

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