Total contamination control in
Clean and Sterile Areas

PharmaMop GO

  • Handle & Frame
  • Mop Head
  • Handle & Frame

    Handle & Frame

    Hands  Free Assembly and Disassembly.

    Detail: Handle & Frame
    360ยบ Swivel Lock enables cleaning of tight spaces.
  • Mop Head

    Mop Head

    Unsurpassed in-use particulate control

    1. Sahara Foam // 2. Lint free hybrid microfiber // 3. Combination of Sahara // Foam Scrubbing Strips and Microfiber // 4. Encased Foam core // 5. Ultrasonically Sealed Edge

PharmaMOP® GO is designed to allow hands-free assembly and disassembly of the mop head within seconds to reduce operator work time.

The combination of hands-free mopping and Sahara+ PharmaMOP GO Mop heads enable operators to dramatically improve cleaning efficiency and efficacy. The Sahara+ PharmaMOP GO mop head has integrated pockets designed to allow hands-free attachment to the mop frame. Mop heads can be changed easily by releasing the foot operated v-lock mechanism, minimizing ergonomic issues and exposure to disinfectants.

  • Enhances Ergonomics & Efficiency - The time-consuming and physically cumbersome process of changing mop heads by hand is eliminated to provide optimal posture and user-friendliness. Hands-free assembly and easy gliding mop head design greatly improves the efficiency of cleanroom cleaning.
  • Minimize Surface Microbial Contamination - Unique mop head materials remove residues and soils while evenly applying disinfectant to meet contact time requirements.
  • Better Overall Cleaning – By eliminating handling of mop heads and greatly reducing system weight, operators have more time and dexterity to accomplish thorough cleaning.

PharmaMOP® GO Handle & Frame Features & Benefits

  1.  Superior Handle. Easily Extendable Handle makes it a snap to switch between cleaning of walls, floors and ceilings. Fully autoclavable, lightweight, aluminum handle extends from 39-65” (99-165cm).
  2.  Easy cleaning of tight spaces. 360° Swivel Lock allows for both Figure 8 and Flat Mopping. Enables cleaning of tight syrfaces, reducing previously uncleanable “dead spots”.
  3.  Quick Assembly & Disassembly. V-Lock Lever provides easy, quick insertion & disposal of mop heads.
  4.  Ergonomic Foot-Switch. Discard mop heads while standing upright. No more touching soiled mops while discarding — No more stooping. 


Sahara+ PharmaMOP® GO Mop Head

1. Sahara® Foam Scrubbing Strips dislodge contaminants and provides superior abrasion resistance.
2. Lint free hybrid microfiber fabric entraps & removes microbial contamination and stubbornly adhered disinfectant residues.
3. The combination of Sahara® Foam Scrubbing Strips and Microfiber provide optimal gliding even on high friction, non-skid cleanroom floors.
4. Encased Foam core provides high absorbency to evenly apply disinfectants & 70% IPA to enchance cleaning performance and to meet contact times.
5. Ultrasonically Sealed Edge provides unsurpassed in-use particulate control.


  • Advanced Construction. An absorbent cleanroom foam core is ultrasonically welded between a layer of a non-linting hybrid microfiber and laminated with dual Sahara® Foam Scrubbing Strips for exceptional cleaning.
  • Minimize Surface Microbial Contamination. Unique mop head materials dislodge, entrap and remove residues and soils while evenly applying disinfectant to meet contact time requirements.
  • Reduce Work Time. Ultrasonically sealed pockets allow the mop frame to slide into the mop head and be ready-for-use within seconds.
  • Ultimate Compatibility. Provides efficient cleaning of walls, floors and ceilings. Compatible with bleach, QUAT, peracetic acid, peroxide, and IPA-based cleaning and disinfecting agents.
  • Quality Manufacturing. Manufactured in an ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 facility on a fully automated fabrication line. Ideal for use in ISO 3-9 cleanrooms. Available gamma irradiated, SAL 10-6.

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