Total contamination control in
Clean and Sterile Areas

Consistency as the True Measure of Cleanroom Wiper Quality

From wiping residues on hard surfaces to applying cleaning solutions, wipers perform a variety of tasks that help maintain the cleanliness levels desired in a given cleanroom environment. This makes the selection of cleanroom wipers a critical decision in any controlled environment.

Wipers are used widely in several industries as part of cleaning protocols prescribed in the maintenance of the controlled environment. Wipers are used to clean hard surfaces, equipment, chambers and tools; to clean up spills; and to serve as a work surface. Given that wipers serve such integral functions within cleanrooms, a strong emphasis is placed on their cleanliness.

Wipers with lower levels of cleanliness can themselves serve as sources of contamination. It is therefore critical that wiper quality and cleanliness levels be adequately measured and comparably evaluated.

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