Vestilab is born ...

Year 1983

Antonio de la Sotilla, with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in the design and construction of clean and sterile rooms, has undertaken an ambitious business project with the aim of providing the emerging clean rooms in Spain with clothing suitable for these environments and with those materials common in other countries, but which are practically unknown in Spain. Homologation of Polveb, the first technical fabric specially selected for cleanrooms in the Iberian market. Polveb, the first technical fabric specially selected for cleanrooms in the Iberian market.

Year 1987

Vestilab continues on its steady path with the opening of its first clothing workshop, located in Rubí (Barcelona).

Year 1988

Vestilab, in its line of strengthening in the market, signs distribution contracts in Spain with the world's leading manufacturers of materials for cleanrooms: Texwipe, Dycem, Wallgate, Caddie, among many others.

Year 1992

With the aim of reaching more people in charge of Clean Rooms with its message, Vestilab sets up an office in Madrid and expands the network of sales technicians in Barcelona.

Year 1993

In its desire to establish in Spain the existing procedures in other countries, which recommend the washing of garments in clean rooms and sterile environments, Vestilab opens the first clean room in Spain for washing clothes used in these environments. The PEG washing system is born.

Year 1994

Vestilab participates as an exhibitor for the first time in ACHEMA-Frankfurt, the most important fair of the chemical and pharmaceutical sector worldwide.

Year 1995

Vestilab receives medal and diploma in recognition for the quality of Aseptimatic during the VI International Exhibition of Medical Technique "Health for All" in Havana, Cuba

Year 1999

With a growing portfolio of suppliers and customers, Vestilab must face the decision to move its headquarters, warehouse and workshop. The head office is inaugurated in Sant Quirze del Vallès.

Year 2006

Vestilab receives the "Rafael García Gutierrez Award for Innovation in White Rooms" granted by Farma Meeting.

Year 2007

Facing the market demands, the PEG Clean Room for the washing and maintenance of the garments for Clean and Sterile Rooms increases its capacity in 50%.
Vestilab receives the prize to the "Quality and Technological Innovation" granted by the readers of "Pharmaceutical Industry".

Year 2011

With a strong presence in the markets of South America and Asia, Vestilab is included in the High Tech division, belonging to Alsico Group, with the desire to build its position in Europe with a partner with a significant presence in that market. In the same year, and due to the continuous growth in the range of products and the confidence of its customers, the Madrid office expands its staff and moves to a new office from which to better serve all the needs of its customers. At the same time, as a result of its new alliances, Vestilab enters the workwear and professional clothing market, with the help of Alsico Group, under the brand name Vestilab WKW.

Year 2015

After 36 years on the market, Vestilab continues to meet the new requirements of the sector in terms of standards and products to remain your most reliable partner for contamination control in cleanrooms. From here, thanks to all our staff, who have collaborated from the beginning in drawing the circle, to our suppliers, thanks to whom we have learned from their products and from other markets and requirements. Thanks also to our distributors who have collaborated in transferring our knowledge, and above all, thanks to our customers, whose trust and demands have made us grow.

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