Vestimat 10

Disposable mat for contamination control.

Multi-layered clear polyethylene film, with antibacterial and environmental-friendly adhesived layers.

Vestimat-10 captures dirt and dust particles transported by pedestrian or wheeled traffic, before entering into a Clean Room or upon leaving contaminated areas.

It consists of 30 polyethylene film sheets coated with an aqueous based antibacterial acrylic adhesive.

Each film is numbered with a label located in a corner to indicate how many are still available and facilitate the removal of the used film.

The upper and lower films are protected through a transparent plastic film. The bottom layer is self adhesive and can be stuck to the floor once the protective film is peeled off.

The antibacterial incorporated reduces the risk of microbial contamination associated to personnel and wheeled traffic.

4 available formats:

Color: Blue or white.
Size: 46x113 cm or 66x113 cm.
  • Avoids cross contamination.
  • Avoids particle contamination and facilitates the maintenance of air quality levels in classified areas.
  • Acts as a psychological barrier in the entrance to a higher level controlled, favouring adequate personnel behaviour.
  • Easy installation.
  • Does not require cleaning.

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